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This page is designed to provide health and care professionals in the Manchester and Trafford system with useful resources to support delivery of the Discharge Strategy.

The Discharge Strategy is a system wide way of working that supports patients to be discharged back into the community in a safe and timely way after they are medically fit for discharge. It has been revised in Autumn 2023 with updated information and advice.

  • You can view the Discharge Strategy here [link to strategy]

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Home First is the Manchester and Trafford Local Care Organisations and system partners’ approach to hospital discharge improvement.

A key part of our role in the LCO is to avoid people going in to hospital. If they do need hospital care for a period of time then we work with the hospitals to get them home or back in the community as soon as possible.

We have several approaches to support this work. This includes establishing Manchester and Trafford centralised discharge control rooms which coordinate all hospital discharges. Health and social care staff work together in the control rooms to expedite discharges and solve problems that may delay a patient’s discharge.

A range of other work has been carried out as part of what we called the Resilient Discharge Programme – developing strengths based approaches to discharge.

The service provides ‘one off’ cleaning in domestic properties that do not meet acceptable health and safety standards. Referrers do need to consider what ongoing support someone may need in managing their hoarding behaviours. Where a property is extremely cluttered due to a long period of hoarding, referrers need to consider if Crisis Clean is right service to support that citizen.


  1. Crisis Clean Service Criteria
  2. Crisis Clean Service Specification
  3. Consent
  4. Access to Properties
  5. Funding
  1. Crisis Clean Service Criteria

In order to access the Crisis Clean Service citizens must meet the following criteria

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must reside in the City of Manchester. The service does not cover other Greater Manchester boroughs
  • Must be intending to reside in the property for at least a further 6 months at the time of the referral
  • Must be able to give consent or have an advocate or Power of Attorney who can give consent on their behalf
  1. Crisis Clean Service Specification

The service provides ‘one off’ cleaning in domestic properties that do not meet acceptable health and safety standards. This includes

  • Where an individual is at risk due to the environmental conditions they are living in
  • To enable a person to return home to a safe environment; from hospital, residential care or staying with family or friends.
  • When health and social care staff or other professionals are unable to go in to provide a service on health and safety grounds.
  • Where an individual’s tenancy is ‘at risk’ due to the environmental condition of the property.

Where a property is extremely cluttered due to a long period of hoarding, referrers need to consider if Crisis Clean is right service to support that citizen. Crisis Clean is a ‘one off’ service so referrers do need to consider what ongoing support someone may need in managing their hoarding behaviours.

Crisis Clean will support citizens who hoard but referrers need to be realistic about what can be achieved in a short period of time and be specific about what tasks and outcomes they want from the clean.

If the job will take more than 2 shifts it is too big for us to take on.

Tasks that the Crisis Clean service can support with:

Any tasks that Crisis Clean are to undertake must be specified on the referral form and agreed prior to the clean commencing. This includes:

  • General/ deep household cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and reception rooms
  • Removal of unwanted clutter and smaller furniture items, within reason.

Tasks that the Crisis Clean service does NOT support with:

  • Any type of decoration, DIY or home improvements
  • Clearing of garden areas or garden rubbish
  • Removal of large items of furniture or carpets
  • Change curtains, wash windows or do any type of laundry
  • Defrost fridges or freezers
  • Dispose of out-of-date medication
  • Full house clearances
  • Clearance of individual rooms that are not in use, and do not affect the safety of staff/citizen.
  1. Consent

The Crisis Clean service needs to have written agreement to work in citizen’s properties.

Wherever possible this should come from the citizen themselves.

If this is not possible, this must come from someone acting on their behalf. This may be an agreed friend or family member, or it could be someone professionally involved, acting as their advocate.

The Crisis Clean service will normally only dispose of unwanted items when the citizen or their advocate is present to agree what is being removed.

If it is not possible for the citizen or their advocate to be present at the time of the clean, staff will only dispose of items where specific written permission has been given to do this.

  1. Access to Properties

It is preferable that either the citizen or their advocate is present in the property while the clean takes place.

If this is not possible, it is up to the referrer to arrange access for the Crisis Clean workers.

The Crisis Clean service do not hold, drop off or pick up keys. Referrers can drop off keys at the Crisis Clean office before 9.00am on the day of the clean but must ensure they pick them up before 4.30pm on the same day as there is no secure storage facilities for keys. This must be agreed prior to the day of the clean.

In the case where Crisis Clean workers cannot again access to a property on the agreed day, the referral will be cancelled.

In the case where Crisis Clean workers cannot gain access to a property on the agreed day, for services where charges apply (see section 5: Funding and Costs) a charge of one hour will still apply plus the cost of any skip hire.

  1. Funding and Costs

The Crisis Clean service is funded by Manchester City Council’s Adult Services Division. Due to this there is no additional charge for referrals from teams that sit within this Division.

For referrals from any other services the following charges apply:

Hourly Rate: £45

Skip Hire (if required) £290

No Access Charge: £45 plus any skip hire cost

Funding must be agreed /approved by the budget holder prior to the clean taking place.

Invoices will be issued via SAP once the clean has been completed.