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About Us

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About Us

Manchester Local Care Organisation is a pioneering public sector organisation that provides your NHS community health services and adult social care services in Manchester. Part NHS and part local authority, we work as one team across traditional organisational boundaries to achieve this.

Around 4,000 staff that make up the city’s adult and children’s NHS community teams and adult social care teams are deployed to MLCO. They include district and community nurses, social workers, health visitors, therapists, care staff, support staff and many other health and care professionals.

These teams are now working together as part of one single organisation for the first time so that care is better coordinated around your needs. This includes the development of a range of new ways of integrated working in the community. There are plans to deploy further teams to MLCO over the coming years.

Formed on 1 April 2018, we are a public sector partnership organisation powered by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester Mental Health, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership and the Manchester Primary Care Partnership.

What we are doing – our mission

Our mission statement is leading local care, improving lives in Manchester, with you. We think that sums up what we want to do and how we want to do that by working with local people. In simple terms, there are two main things that MLCO has been set up to do:

  • Make a positive contribution to help people in Manchester live longer and enjoy better health than many do now
  • To improve community and neighbourhood care for people in the city.

So whilst we manage your community health and care services, we are here to do much more that by ensuring that we work in new ways and do things differently in the city.

Working with Trafford Local Care Organisation

Manchester Local Care Organisation works closely with our sister organisation Trafford Local Care Organisation (TLCO).

TLCO provides the community health and adult social care services across the neighbouring borough of Trafford and was formed in October 2019. Although MLCO and TLCO are separate organisations, we share an executive team across the two organisations. Many of our frontline teams also work closely together and are increasingly looking at sharing best practice in delivering community health and adult social care services.