Team Bideford Wellbeing

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Team Bideford Wellbeing

Wythenshawe (Brooklands) & Northenden’s Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT) is  focusing on new presentations of low mood for all ages of the neighbourhood population.

Meet the team:

  • Coordinator: Rachel Harding, Health Development Coordinator
  • Coordinator: Sarah Powell – Veness
  • Influencer: David Nuttall
  • Influencer: Dr Paul Wright, INT Lead GP
  • Catalyst: Hajra Sardar
  • Sponsor: Julie Taylor
  • Gilly Lee, INT Lead
  • Alison Bamber,  Discharge to Assess Nurse
  • Keeley Howcroft, Health Care Support Worker
  • Maeve McNulty, Lead Nurse
  • Lucy Hobson, Care Navigator
  • Rachel, Salutem Café Owner

Team Goal:

We ask our teams to set possible but improbable goals so they think big!

Team Bideford Wellbeing goal: To improve the connections between men living in the Bideford area (aged 25-55) and mental health and wellbeing services by 100%.

The team are targeting people who are registered at Park Medical Centre or Brooklands Medical Practice. They are designing all of their ideas with local people who have lived experience of poor mental health.

What’s the plan?

Team Bideford Wellbeing have a programme plan for their team, as well as a plan to achieve their team goal.

Plan for Team Bideford Wellbeing development:

  • Mapping Team Bideford Journey – as well as capturing what is important to local people, we want to capture the team’s development through the 100 day challenge.
  • Walk in Bideford shoes – Team Bideford Wellbeing will volunteer in the community centre to get a better understanding of the situation and needs of local people.
  • Team questionnaire at the start and end of 100 days to measure the impact on staff and collect their stories.

Plan for achieving Team Bideford Wellbeing goal:

  • Coaching local people to grow their skill set & confidence in engaging with men who are similar to those we are trying to reach. This will build skills within the community.
  • Promote the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme in GP practices to increase access to talking therapies in target group
  • Listening events to gather insight from the local community and staff.

What’s happened so far?

Day 1 and 2

We had an intense 2-day session to launch our 100 day challenge. It was great to bring together Team Bideford Wellbeing for the first time and to develop our ideas, goal and tests as a team.

Day 23

On 4 October, a few of us were able to meet to develop our plans, based on what we’d learned from talking to people with lived experience and services.

Day 70

A few of the team met on 26 November to agree how to overcome the last hurdles and to give the team a spurt of energy for the remaining 30 days.

Day 72

On 28 November the Bideford Wellbeing team ran a pizza and games night, inviting local people, event to find out what is important to them.

The event, held at Bideford Community Centre, was so well attended that another three similar events have been planned for the coming weeks:

  • Wednesday 11 December, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Wednesday 8 January, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Wednesday 15 January, 6:00-8:00pm