ReflecTeen – Specialist support for Black African Young People and Families

ReflecTeen – Specialist support for Black African Young People and Families

ReflecTeen’s work centres around early intervention to address the primary needs of young people ages 8 to 18 facing vulnerability as a result of migration, socio-economic needs, emotional and behavioural change, and may have been impacted by violence or abuse. 

ReflecTeen’s aim to intervene early to keep children and young people safe and to reduce risk factors to vulnerability at the earliest stage. Through a holistic approach, ReflecTeen provide culturally relevant transformative support, educational training programmes, one-to-one mentoring, counselling, family support, confidence building and skills development programmes to empower Black African children and young people with real choices to develop a sense of belonging and connection with their community.

Who can access ReflecTeen services

ReflecTeen services are open to residents in Moston, Harpurhey, Charlestown, Blackley and adjoining areas. ReflecTeen accept self-referrals, practitioners can refer young people and families by completing a referral form.

ReflecTeen services

  • Covid vaccinations and booster chats
  • Specialist one-to-one mentoring
  • Conflict resolution, counselling and mediation
  • Out of school provisions
  • Family intervention and children reunification
  • Skills for employment programmes
  • Emotional, well-being and practical support
  • Victim awareness, training and support programmes.

Visit the ReflecTeen website for more information.