Protecting our communities against flu – Hulme, Moss Side & Rusholme

Protecting our communities against flu – Hulme, Moss Side & Rusholme

The uptake of the flu vaccine needs to improve across the city, and especially so in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme. So what’s stopping people getting the jab when it’s available?  What could help overcome barriers facing different communities?

In Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme, the Integrated Neighbourhood Team have created the innovative project, ‘Sharing Health 4U – flu’, asking community leaders from the top five community languages locally – what does your community need to hear to address issues stopping them getting the flu vaccine. These messages are by the community for the community. Community leaders were then asked to script messages based on the barriers faced, with the help of People’s Voice Media, that they could then themselves share through WhatsApp, text and Viber (free text messaging service).

Health professionals also recorded messages in Arabic, Bengali, English, Somali, and Urdu to complement the ones from other community members.

Please find all the content available at the links below and an index log of all messages (length, format, content) here:

Arabic –
Bengali –
English –
Somali –
Tigrinya –
Urdu –