Hate Crime Awareness Week

Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week runs from 1 to 7 February 2021. The awareness week is an opportunity to bring people together, highlight Greater Manchester’s zero tolerance to hate crime and encourage both victims and witnesses to take a stand and report hate crime.

Hate crimes are acts of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. Hate crimes can take many different forms – for example someone may have damaged your property because of the colour of your skin, sent you offensive letters because of what you believe, or behaved violently towards you because of who you love. No hate crime is acceptable. We all have a right to live without fear, hostility and intimidation from others.

This Hate Crime Awareness Week, we’re taking a stand against hate. No one should face hate, violence or abuse because of who they are, who they love, where they’re from, what they look like or what they believe.

If you’ve been a victim or witness of hate crime, report it and get support here: www.letsendhatecrime.com