Film Premiere of A Showman’s Life

Film Premiere of A Showman’s Life

Roll up! Roll up!

A Showman’s Life is a film about the Showmen’s yard and community in Cheetham Hill. It draws on national research with the Showmen community about their health and wellbeing.

Cheetham and Crumpsall’s Showmen community has a rich history going back generations. The largest yard is just half a mile from here.

This film invites people and services in Manchester to learn more about the Showmen community, their way of life and their access to health and social care.

Exhibitions from the National Fairground and Circus Archive and Showmen’s Mental Health Awareness Charity ​will stay open until 3:30pm.

Join us on Tuesday 19th March, 1pm – 3pm at The Yard Manchester, 11 Bent Street, Cheetham Hill M8 8NF. Teaser film clip below.

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