Directions for Men

Directions for Men

Our neighbourhood team in Brooklands and Northenden have asked local men about the potential benefits of peer support groups, that would address localised issues around their wellbeing.

What evolved was a need for opportunities to talk and to become more active. Initially we will focus on developing a pool of facilitators – local men with lived experience – with a view to championing health among other men in the area. Training will be given and there will be links with local support services.

Rachel Harding, Health Development Co-ordinator at MLCO said: “Our way of working puts neighbourhood voice central to everything we do. It’s so important that we work with, rather than do to, and that’s why listening to local people is such a big part of this work. If you have experience of or are keen to support men’s wellbeing in Brooklands and Northenden, please get in touch; we welcome your involvement.”

What will men gain from groups and activities?

  • Improvement in mental wellbeing
  • Connections with others
  • Development of supportive social networks

The Covid pandemic has highlighted many issues faced by men in the neighbourhood, such as loneliness and isolation. We want to reduce the rates of depression and highlight the ease of access to psychological therapies that are readily available in the area.

It’s OK to stop and ask for directions!

The old joke goes that men won’t stop and ask for directions even if they’re hopelessly lost! We know that men struggle sometimes and when they do they’re less likely to look for help or do something about it. We want to change that.

Directions for Men is present in communities around the region. We are developing a host of activities across Brooklands and Northenden to get men out and active, but we would really like to hear from you about the kind of activities you would want to get involved with.

Make your voice count – take the online survey at Completion gives entry into a prize draw to win a £20 Just Eat voucher.

“I think societal pressure has increased in the past few years; there’s a pressure on people to be on the ball 100 per cent of the time. You have to wear a mask all the time to make yourself feel better, when in fact you’re struggling and can’t cope with day-to-day life.”
Local group member

“Hearing guys speak about their own mental health issues, how their week has been, having a laugh too with each other. Then I was offered a chance to talk. I was unsure if I should or not… but I started to talk about my problems, the voices, who I was. There were tears. Before I knew it I had been talking for 30 minutes but no one interrupted me, they all listened and offered advice… I felt a little weight lift off my shoulders.”
Local group member

We also need men to volunteer with us to lead activities. Full training and support will be provided, and we guarantee you’ll be part of a fantastic team doing amazing work to support men.

Neighbourhood Directions

Our primary objective is to support the wellbeing of men who live and work in the area by developing groups and activities that men want to participate in – working in partnership with residents, health providers, local voluntary and faith groups.

Like to know more? Give us a call on 07894 971 434 or email