Collaboration makes us more responsive

Collaboration makes us more responsive

Adam, Health Development Coordinator for Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme, blogs on how collaboration has made neighbourhood and community services more responsive.

Frontline health workers, based in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme, started meeting up regularly when the pandemic first hit. It’s enabled us to be more responsive to the needs of communities who live here, to solve issues collaboratively and spot any gaps or patterns.

It’s exciting to witness people building relationships and working across services and organisations, without worrying too much about borders and focusing on how our roles and objectives can complement each other, always centred on the residents supporting them to stay well and build resilience, and explore what action we can take together on the health inequalities.
Some highlights have been:
  • the distribution of posters in community languages to the few venues that were open during the first lockdown, publicising the support available through the council’s Community Response Hub
  • escalating identified Neighbourhood issues that needed solving at a different level, and offering good practice examples on working with ethnically diverse communities
  • designing and distributing a leaflet to support people going out for the first time after lockdown, with what support is available
  • creating a database of all the food provision in the Neighbourhood for people who are at risk for frontline staff to be able to refer people to the appropriate place, including culturally-appropriate services, with a leaflet for residents
  • solving transport issues to GP practices for at risk patients

In these meetings are Be Well, buzz, Focused Care, council and social housing workers, the Care Navigator, Health Development Coordinator and GP Lead.

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