Children’s Community Orthoptic Service

About the Children’s Community Orthoptic Service

The Orthoptic Service provides children’s eye clinics at 18 locations across the city.  The orthoptist is highly trained to detect and treat eye problems such as reduced vision, squint, lazy eye and eye muscle imbalance.  The Orthoptic Service also provides clinics at 10 Special Schools across the city.

We are a team of 8 Orthoptists and 1 Orthoptic Secretary.

The Orthoptic Service is part of a multi-disciplinary team working closely with Optometrists from Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) We are able to refer directly to the Ophthalmology team at MREH if a doctor’s opinion is required.

We work closely with the School Health Team to train the vision screeners, who test vision at age 4-5 in school, to ensure a high standard of testing is achieved

Who we help

The Orthoptic Service is a non-emergency service.

Patients need to be registered with a Manchester GP.

Our Orthoptists are specially trained to test children of all ages and abilities.  No child is too young to be tested or to start treatment, even babies of 3-4 months old. We accept referrals for children under 8. Children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) can be referred up to the age of 16.

How we help

The Orthoptist checks vision development, squint, binocular function (how well the 2 eyes work together as a pair) and for eye movement disorders.

Once an eye problem has been diagnosed, your child will need a refraction eye test, which is a test, usually with eye drops, to see if glasses are required as part of your child’s treatment.  We provide this service at 10 of our clinics.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key. Normally paediatric Orthoptic treatment is completed by age 7 when the vision is fully developed. Often at the end of treatment children can be discharged to attend at their local opticians for a routine sight test annually.

Treatments may include glasses, eye patches, eye exercises and in a few cases, corrective eye surgery which takes place at MREH.  Regular attendance is required to treat your child’s eye problem effectively.

Referral process

The Children’s Community Orthoptic Service has an open referral access.

Parents/carers can self-refer their child by phoning or visiting their nearest clinic and speaking to the children’s community reception staff.

MFT staff can make a direct internal electronic referral on EMIS.

GPs can refer via the secure email account:

External NHS staff can refer by post to Levenshulme Health Centre.

Local opticians can refer by post to Levenshulme Health Centre, electronically via Webstar Health or via the GP.

All patients are triaged upon receiving the referral and placed on our waiting list. The most urgent cases will take priority.

Any emergency or out of hours cases should be referred to the Paediatric Emergency Department.

Referral Form here.

Service operating hours

Clinics are generally open from 08:30 to 16:30, Monday-Friday.

We are closed on Bank Holidays and weekends.

Service location and contact information

Children’s Community Orthoptic Service,
Levenshulme Health Centre,
Dunstable Street,
M19 3BX

0161 470 6752

Additional information

Car parking is available at most clinics. Parking at some clinics may be restricted, it is advisable to phone the clinic beforehand to check on parking availability.

Always bring your most up to date glasses with you to every appointment.


Orthoptic Clinics List 2022
Special School Service Provision 2022

Last updated: March 2022

Next review due: March 2023