Children’s Community Nursing Team

Children’s Community Nursing Team

We are a team of children’s nurses with extensive community experience. Our areas of expertise include Acute and Chronic illness.

Please note: All children will require a clinical diagnosis prior to being accepted by our team.

We aim to provide expert care and support for children and young people across Manchester.

We will see any child or young adult under the age of 16yrs (25yrs if they have complex/special needs).

We also support GPs with acutely unwell children by offering home visits for observation and monitoring of conditions such as bronchiolitis, Viral induced wheezing, Asthma exacerbation, Lower and upper respiratory tract infections, Urinary tract infections, Diarrhoea and Vomiting.

We offer early discharge support following planned or unplanned hospital admission, for respiratory conditions, dressings and wound care, intravenous antibiotics at home, cardiac monitoring, oxygen saturation monitoring, injections and cytarabine at home.

We also operate appointment-only clinics in health centres across Manchester for wounds, blood pressure, HSP, eczema, asthma, injections, training/support, and phlebotomy. We work closely with the Palliative Care, Specialist school nursing and Children’s Complex and Ventilation team and support these services evenings and weekends.

Additional Support

The Children’s Community Nursing Team also includes the: Complex Care Team, Children’s Continence Team, Palliative Care Team and the Special Needs School Nursing Service

Referrals are accepted by email, telephone (24 hour answerphone), or post. Referrals are accepted from:

  • Walk in centres, A&E, O&A units
  • Lead Professionals of Multi-Agency teams
  • GPs
  • Colleagues, fellow professionals, voluntary, statutory and non-statutory organisations
  • Individuals and families known to the team
  • Hospital and Community Paediatricians
  • Email  – /

The team will see any child or young adult under the age of 16yrs and in school. Exceptions may be undertaken if the child is under a Paediatrician for a specific condition. Please complete the Children and Young People’s Service referral form (Referral Form here [download]), fill out all mandatory sections and forward it to the team at – /

If you wish to refer a child for a blood test, please use the CCS1 Children and Young People’s Service Referral Form and PSD Ametop Form (for topical anaesthesia) and forward to the team at /

Referrals are triaged each morning and afternoon.

CCNT Acute and phlebotomy email for referrals /

Contact Details:

Clinics are run at various health centres across the city.

Children’s Community Nursing Team
Longsight Health Centre
Stockport Rd
M13 0RR

Phone: 0161 529 6630
Email: (Preferred Email) /

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm.
This service will offer guaranteed nursing triage within 4 hours of receipt of referral (within office hours).

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