Children and Young People’s Physiotherapy

Children and Young People’s Physiotherapy

The Children & Young People’s Physiotherapy Service provides assessment, treatment and support to children from birth to 18 (or up to 19 years if the young person attends a Special School).

Our service offers a child and family centred approach and a focus on working with the child/young person and their families to promote, preserve and impact their development and ability to engage in everyday activities.

  • Children & Young people age 0 -18
  • Children with a Manchester GP
  • Children seen by a professional who identifies the need for a physiotherapy assessment

We have two specialist teams:

  • Neurodevelopmental – to help infants, children and young people with movement problems related to child development and disabilities
  • Musculoskeletal – for childhood muscle and joint conditions and injuries

The service is delivered by children’s physiotherapists with specialist skills and experience in working with:

  • Delayed development
  • Movement and mobility problems
  • Childhood muscle joint conditions and injuries.

We provide a community based service; working out of clinics and where appropriate, in other settings such as school, nurseries and homes.

We also work in close partnership with other professionals from Health, Education and Social Care.

We help and advise to:

  • Make it easier for the child to move
  • Allow the child to do the best they can with the movements they have
  • Make it easier and more comfortable for them to be able to join in with daily activities
  • Make it easier for them to enjoy time learning and being with family and friends.

Who can refer:

  • Health Professionals
  • Professionals from RHOSEY (Rodney House Outreach for Early Years )

How to refer:

Referral Form here.

By EMIS internal referral – for Manchester Foundation Trust staff

By email to:

By post to:

  • Musculoskeletal referrals to the Gorton address. C&YP Therapy Centre, 48 Blackwin Street, Gorton, Manchester M12 5JY
  • North addresses to Gorton Therapy Centre
  • South addresses to Baguley Clinic.

What happens then:

The referrals are read by a senior physiotherapist and a letter will be sent to the family to let them know the next step.

North Team
Children & Young People’s Therapy Centre
48 Blackwin Street
M12 5JY
Phone: 0161 230 0301

Musculo-skeletal (MSK) Team (Citywide): Based with North Team.

South Team
Baguley Clinic
Hall Lane
M23 1NA
Phone: 0161 445 1259

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