Manchester Community Response

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Manchester Community Response

Manchester Community Response (MCR) is made up of several services that help reduce the need for people to go into hospital and allow timely and safe discharge of patients from hospital. They are short-term services that support people to stay in the community in a crisis situation.

MCR is the umbrella name for six services that MLCO provide which aim to keep patients in the community and out of hospital.

They are:

  1. Manchester Community Crisis Response service – preventing admission to hospital in a crisis by wrapping integrated care around a patient to make safe and stabilise in the home/community for 72hrs. We have teams covering North, South and Central Manchester. The teams are made up of advanced clinical practitioners, nurses, social workers, therapists, pharmacists and other professionals. They take calls from the ambulance service, paramedics on scene at people’s homes, GPs, hospital units and other professionals for patients who would otherwise be taken to hospital. Crisis respond within 1 or 2 hours (depending on urgency). Over 400 contacts are made in a typical month and 9 in 10 patients referred to the service do not need hospitalisation.
  2. Intermediate care (home based) – providing intermediate care in the patient’s home for up to six weeks
  3. Intermediate care (bed based) – providing care in a temporary bed such as a care home for up to six weeks
  4. Reablement – getting people back to independence by supporting daily living tasks in their home for up to six weeks. Reablement are our in-house team who provide this support in people’s homes
  5. Discharge to assess – carrying out discharge assessments at home rather than in the hospital as soon as a patient is medically fit for discharge
  6. Community IV – Intravenous therapy regimes that are traditionally hospital based carried out at home/in community settings by our expert team.

You can see more about Crisis Response and some of our other MCR approaches in the video below from BBC news.