Speech and Language Therapy – Workshop 3

Speech and Language Therapy – Workshop 3

Creating Communication Opportunities

Children send us messages in many ways on a daily basis. The final workshop will give you ideas on how to interpret your child’s messages, help them learn new words and how to create opportunities to help them send you more messages.

Please play the video below to start watching the third workshop.

Further resources

The below resources are some further websites and videos that you can watch on how to use songs and rhymes to support your child’s communication.

  • Using songs to help communication

This Hanen Centre video demonstrates how to encourage your child’s communication through music and songs.

Watch their video on their YouTube channel.

  • Songs and rhymes

The BBC Tiny Happy People website has some great new and traditional songs and nursery rhymes for you and your child to try.

Go to their website to search through their playlist.

Need help?

For further information or for if you have any questions, please email Samra Bano, Team Co-ordinator.

Samra can also be contacted on 0161 470 6770.