Speech and Language Therapy – Workshop 2

Supporting your child’s understanding

Children’s understanding of language usually develops before they start to use language themselves. This second online workshop gives you ideas on how to support your child’s understanding in their daily routines.

Please play the below video to start watching.

Further resources

The below resources are some further websites and videos that you can watch on how to use objects to support your child’s understanding.

  • How to communicate using objects

The BBC Tiny Happy People website gives you helpful tips on using objects and visuals to support your child’s understanding of language and what is happening.

Go to the BBC Tiny Happy People website.

  • Objects of reference

This video by Ashley Park School on YouTube video demonstrates the importance of objects and how to use them to support your child’s understanding.

Watch the video on their YouTube channel.

Need help?

For further information or for if you have any questions, please email Samra Bano, Team Co-ordinator.

Samra can also be contacted on 0161 470 6770.