Tier 2 Gynaecology

Tier 2 Gynaecology

Our service delivers full assessment, appropriate investigations and advice regarding a wide range of gynaecological problems.

Our service delivers full assessment, appropriate investigations and advice.

Patients with a wide range of gynaecological problems:

  • Medical Gynaecology – menstrual disorders, heavy menstrual bleeding, abnormal uterine bleeding, amenorrhoea, pelvic pain, dyspareunia, prolapse, vulval skin conditions.
  • Hormonal Problems – PCOS, PMS, menopause issues.
  • Complex contraception issues.

Patients who appear appropriate for conservative management – using non-surgical treatment options are assessed by the service. A care pathway is organised and initial treatment provided, which can include self management advice, diagnostics including ultrasound scan and blood tests, cryotherapy and colposcopy. This may also lead to further referral for treatment such as by the incontinence service or another appropriate service.

Patients needing a surgical/consultant opinion are referred on to secondary care having been fully investigated, e.g. diagnostics if appropriate, before seeing the consultant. The service is consultant led and all female.

Via GP/Health Professional
Single Point of Access (SPA) – 0300 303 9650

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Tier 2 Gynaecology
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