Intermediate Care – South Manchester

Intermediate Care – South Manchester

Buccleuch Lodge Intermediate Care Unit is long established in the West Didsbury area. We have a unique community setting with dedicated nursing and therapy staff. We are a structured, motivated team with a strong patient focus.

We are a constantly developing service with nurse led initiatives. We provide 24 hour inpatient care to 14 patients providing rehabilitation with the aim of returning patients home with support. Care is delivered of a very high standard with quality time to spend with our patients. We care for patients with any condition and are dementia care specialists.

We take patients as step down admissions from acute hospitals when they still have rehabilitation goals to achieve before safely returning home with support. We also accept patients as step ups from the Community referred by GPs, District Nurses, our MCR colleagues, to prevent a hospital admission through a period of rehabilitation.
Patients need to be registered with a South Manchester GP to be eligible for a bed with clear rehabilitation goals.
We take any age from 18 upwards, adult care only.
Any medical condition is considered through a multi-disciplinary assessment.

  • Full assessments by Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, GP and Social Workers.
    We initially set patients an estimated discharge date of 3 weeks from admission but tailor this to their needs as this becomes clear.
  • Patients are fully involved in their care plans, treatments, goal setting and discharge planning
  • Therapy is currently available from Monday to Friday.
  • GPs attend the unit every Monday and Thursday but are contactable during work hours from Monday to Friday. Go to Doc supplies out of hours medical support.
  • Patients cannot self-refer.
  • Referrals are made directly from hospital staff if in acute care and from health care professionals in the Community if they feel a patient would benefit from Intermediate Care and prevent a hospital admission.
  • All referrals are sent to the MFT Control Room and filtered from there. Once received by the unit an MDT review of the referral is made to ensure the patient is appropriate, manageable on our unit and has achievable rehabilitation goals. Decisions are made as to whether a patient is appropriate for the Intermediate Care Home Pathway or for inpatient care. When a bed is available the patient is admitted to the unit.

Contact information

Buccleuch Lodge Intermediate Care
Elizabeth Slinger Road
M20 2XA

Phone: 0161 217 3933 / 0161 217 3932 / 0161 217 3943

Please note that the above numbers are for Buccleuch Lodge Intermediate Care Unit only. If you require the Day Hospital, please visit their page on the MFT website for their contact information. 

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Disabled parking access at the door with other parking available locally or in Withington Community Hospital car park.
  • Patients need to bring clothing, shoes, night wear, wash bag, and all their medication. There is an expectation for patients to be dressed every day and willing to comply with their rehabilitation programme.