Reablement Review Team

Reablement Review Team

The Reablement Review Team are a city wide team covering north, central and south areas and are based in the citywide INT offices. The Reablement Review Team support core reablement and review people through their period of support and assessment for up to 6 weeks of the service in the individual’s own home.
We aim to maximise independence, choice, safety and quality of life through strength based assessment. As part of the wider reablement service we aim to reduce reliance on on care services and prevent delays in discharge from hospital.

The Reablement Review Team aims to work with adults receiving reablement to achieve their goals and reduce reliance on long term care services, preventing admission or re-admission to hospital via using existing care networks, CATEC and equipment.

The Reablement Review Team consists of a team manager and social care assessors.
The social care assessors supports with:

  • Reviewing and assessing people receiving reablement
  • Screening/ triaging referrals

Our social care assessors complete home visits to customers between the hours of 9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday. Each locality has an occupational therapist who works alongside our support workers and assessors to tailor individuals’ goals, assess and provide equipment.

The review and strength based assessment are completed during the 6 week reablement period. Customers are involved in all reviews and assessments and progress reports.

Customer demonstration is essential when completing assessments that strength based and person centred. The reablement review team complete the review/ strength based assessment in a timely manner within the reablement period of assessment (6 weeks) so there is a smooth transition from a reablement POC to an ongoing POC after reablement.

The Reablement Review Team is available Monday to Friday from 9am – 4:30pm.
The review team are based at INT localities city wide.

Core Reablement operate Monday to Sunday, 7am – 10pm.

Referrals come to the team through:

  • Hospital discharge to assess
  • Reablement discharge to assess