Manchester’s Equipment and Adaptations Partnership (MEAP)

Manchester’s Equipment and Adaptations Partnership (MEAP)

Manchester’s Equipment and Adaptations Partnership (MEAP) is a citywide service, based at Philips Park Road in Beswick. We provide a coordinated, comprehensive and streamlined service to disabled and older people to maximise independence, choice, safety and quality of life. As a preventative service, we aim to reduce reliance on care services, slow down admissions to nursing and residential accommodation and reduce falls requiring hospital admissions.

We are overseen by a Service Manager and two Operations Managers. The service is split into four individual teams:

Community Equipment Team/Minor Adaptations

Citywide Adaptations (Technical) Team

Assessment Team

Community Alarms/Technology-Enabled Care

We help Manchester residents of any age – from birth to end of life. We help people who are disabled, elderly or vulnerable.

Our Assessment Team provides complex assessment (initial assessments for equipment/minor adaptations undertaken by the Equipment Team), for equipment and major adaptations, to enable disabled people to live as independently as possible:

  • within their own homes
  • in the community
  • and to enable carers to look after them

We also provide mobility assessments for Blue Badges and moving and handling assessments.

Our Community Alarm Service fits and monitors alarms and assistive technology in people’s homes.

Our Community Equipment Service (and store) and Minor Adaptations Team provides equipment, minors and major adaptations.  We maintain satellite stores across the city. We are a partnership with the NHS, with a Service Level Agreement.  We deliver and collect community equipment and operate a full recycling facility.

Our Citywide Adaptations (Technical) Team (and workshop) provide major adaptations (e.g. grab/stair rails, Loop systems, stairlifts, level access showers, bedroom/bathroom extensions) in owner-occ/private tenant props and all electrical major adaptations.  This includes social housing tenants, owner occupiers and private tenants – funded via a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).

All of the teams have different operating hours, with some services running 24/7.

Please see the team pages for individual team hours:

MEAP Head Office Address:

Philips Park Road,
M11 3FU

Telephone: 0161 277 1704

Referrals are made via the Contact Centre (0161 234 5001 or email at or from the Primary Assessment Team (PAT) following a low-level assessment.

We will also still accept referrals from Children’s Services, Manchester Learning Disability Partnership and the Mental Health Trust for people who have not had an initial PAT assessment and from some of the Registered Providers in relation to assessments for Decent Homes works.