Manchester Shared Lives

Manchester Shared Lives

The Manchester Shared Lives Service is a City-Wide Service that aims to promote the right of individuals aged 16+ to live an ordinary and independent life in the community and to enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

We achieve this through the provision of a range of high-quality family homes, and by empowering people to develop skills and grow their independence. People living in Shared Lives homes will have the opportunity to share the daily life of the Carer and to live an ordinary domestic life in a normal home environment. The Shared Lives workers and Carers are committed to promoting the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the people in Shared Lives homes and their protection from abuse or harm.

The service aims to provide placements for all eligible people that have care needs under the Care Act 2014 and who are over the age of 16. Some examples of where the family homes of Shared Lives may be able to provide a service to, are people who have a learning disability or difficulty, sensory impairments, physical needs, neuro divergence including Autistic Adults and ADHD, is an older person, has mental health needs, is a younger person in transition, a mother/father and baby or a person experiencing a chaotic lifestyle. The following services are available:

  • Short- and long-term family homes
  • Supported lodgings homes
  • Short breaks (overnight stays)
  • Transition or preparation to independence
  • Sessional support or kinship.

Urgent /Emergency Services placed in Family homes: Consideration will be made when an adult needs a home urgently. This will only be where the citizen is known to Adult Social Care or there is sufficient information available about them to ensure a safe and suitable service is provided. Shared Lives mainly provides homes to single adults, however, can consider:

  • Siblings
  • An eligible parent with an eligible adult daughter or son
  • Eligible adult – mother/father and baby placements
  • Couples

The Team has a wide range of skills, knowledge, qualifications, and experience working in social care. The scheme has operated in Manchester for over twenty years and is one of the largest in the country.

The team works as part of the Children and Families Directorate which is a part of Manchester City Council. The service is registered and accredited by the Care Quality Commission and is an affiliated member with Shared Lives Plus (formerly the National Association of Adult Placement Services). The Manager and Placement Workers within the service have qualifications which include NVQ Care Level 4, Registered Managers, NVQ or ILM Qualifications or are working towards a recognised qualification or have sufficient experience in a social care role and background.

  • Enabling people to exercise power and control over their own lives
  • Providing an individualised service to the citizen based on need and ability
  • The citizen having the right to experience ‘real life’ and could be seen as desirable for themselves and their families
  • Meeting the needs and wellbeing of the citizen and supporting the needs of the carer
  • Offering a consistent relationship, inclusion within social networks and the opportunity to develop personal social relationships
  • Provision of a flexible and individual service that is responsive to the changing needs of the citizen and carer
  • Recognising that shared lives carers are an essential resource and should be valued accordingly
  • Working in partnership to support the citizen and ensure that an overall package of services is available to meet the person’s needs
  • Development and management of the service within national guidance provided and in compliance with relevant legislation

The service operates 9:00am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Address Manchester Shared Lives Service, Children and Families Directorate, Manchester City Council, Abraham Moss Centre, Crescent Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 5UF

Phone: 0161 219 2445

Duty Email:

Registered Manager: Paul Downing

For out-of-hours service, please get in touch with the Manchester Contact Centre — Telephone: 0161 234 5001

In most cases the citizen being placed with Shared Lives carers will have been assessed and referred to Shared Lives by a social worker, car/case manager, or the Learning Disability placement team. Where this is the case the role and continuing responsibility must be included within the placement agreement. The role and responsibilities should include the following:

  • Completion of a needs assessment for the person which should include a risk assessment and ensure that this is presented to shared lives as part of the referral
  • Ensure that the citizens’ benefits are maximised, housing benefit is considered and funding for the placement is identified and arranged
  • Contribution to the production of the care and support plan which should be informed by the needs assessment
  • Ensuring that the citizen has access to someone independent of the Shared Lives service for support, advice and advocacy
  • That capacity has been established, recorded on referral form and the relevant support is given to the citizen when considering moving
  • Help with arrangements for the citizen to meet any potential carers
  • Assisting the citizen with introductory visits and in their decision-making about making a placement
  • Advising and supporting the carer/s to meet the specific needs of the citizen e.g. in maintaining links with family, friends and others
  • Arranging emergency meetings when required e.g. MDT’s
  • Finding suitable alternative accommodation for the citizen if the placement should need to end
  • Providing feedback to Shared Lives on the quality of the service and any other issues whenever necessary or when requested

For enquiries regarding referrals, please first get in touch with the contact centre —

Phone: 0161 234 5001