Day Time Support (Day Services)

Day Time Support (Day Services)

Manchester Local Care Organisation runs three day centres across the city which provide a friendly and welcoming environment for people with a learning disability.

We work with people over the age of 18 who have been assessed as having a need for support during the day. During the day we provide a range of person-centred activities at the centres designed to be fun and to promote independence, health and wellbeing. 

Our day centres are located at:

  • Heathfield – located in Newton Heath in North Manchester
  • Ross Place – located in Ardwick in Central Manchester
  • Hall Lane – located in Baguley (Wythenshawe) in South Manchester.

We aim to provide a stimulating environment which promotes self-esteem and independence and values the individual’s feelings, abilities and aspirations.

We provide a wide range of activities delivered by expert, experienced staff who have a can-do attitude. We are a safe space where people can be themselves, form friendships and explore their interests and aspirations. We are inclusive and enable people to be their best selves regardless of cognitive and physical abilities.

A two-course midday meal can be purchased and drinks and other refreshments are available throughout the day as part of the service. 

The centres have several base rooms where people with similar interests and compatibilities are introduced and begin the day. There are also larger rooms where the group activities take place.

Citizens enjoy activities ranging from employment skills, arts and crafts, tabletop games, exercise sessions, Zumba, an award winning horticultural group (at Hall Lane with sessions based at Wythenshawe Park), parties and a range of diverse celebrations.

We also run external activities with trips to the gym and swimming pool (Heathfield), pampering sessions, book groups, creative writing groups, and health therapy sessions.

What citizens have told us about the service we offer 

  • “I am profoundly disabled. I need a safe environment and staff I can trust which I get here.”
  • “The service is a lifeline for me and my family.”
  • “The service is very good and very understanding about the needs relating to my autism.”
  • “The staff at the centre are wonderful!”

What families and carers have told us about the service we offer 

  • “It is a very important part of our lives. It is invaluable support.”
  • “Day Care gives me a break to recharge.”
  • “The service gives me some valuable time for myself.”
  • “It means that my daughter and I have time away from each other. She is doing something for herself, and I have a few hours where she is not dependent on me so it is great for both of us.”
  • “This allows me to go to work.”
  • “Day Care is essential as this is my only respite – they are a godsend.”

All of our staff are recruited for their friendly personalities and have a genuine passion for caring for people to live as independently as possible.

No staff member wears a uniform and we aim to create a welcoming homely atmosphere for all the citizens.

All staff receive comprehensive care training, including moving and handling, medication, food hygiene and allergen awareness, autism awareness, epilepsy and rescue medication, dysphagia and common swallowing problems, recognising the early signs/symptoms of illness, PEG feeding, cultural awareness, infection control, emergency first aid, dementia awareness and safeguarding for vulnerable adults.  

Our centres currently open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00 am – 16.30 pm.

An image of a photo montage of our three day centres. On the left is a picture of Ross Place, in the middle is a picture of Hall Lane and on the right is a picture of Heathfield

Ross Place Resource Centre – 21 Aked Close, Ardwick  M12 4AN.
Tel: 0161 234  5434
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Hall Lane Resource Centre – 157-159 Hall Lane, Baguley M23 1WD.
Tel: 0161 219 2327
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Heathfield Resource Centre – Heathfield St, Newton Heath M40 1LF.
Tel: 0161 245 7093
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All the centres have a variety of adaptions to meet people’s needs. Every centre is wheelchair accessible, and all areas have been carefully designed to meet the needs of people with a range of disabilities. These incorporate special features such as equipment for moving people, height adjustable beds, specialist bathrooms and sensory rooms. We can offer person-centred support to people who need assistance with personal care tasks.

We also have a skills kitchen that is fully accessible with units and equipment that can be lowered for people who use a wheelchair.

Our Quality Action Group

We are committed to working with citizens and families to continually improve services. We have a Quality Action Group where a group of family members and carers meet with the centre managers and other staff every two months. QAG are consulted about all aspects of the service and provide some funding for activities and equipment.

Volunteering with us

Are you interested in a career in social care and would like to gain some experience? Alternatively, have you a few spare hours and would like to use them to make a real difference to people? We are keen to offer volunteer placements to help groups work in the grounds, join in with activities or even run a group session if you are musical for example. An enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check which we will pay for will be required. If you are interested, please contact the Hub Manager at Heathfield, Ross Place or Hall Lane using the contact details in the section above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Referrals need to come from a social work team who will do an assessment of need and agree funding.

People do contact us directly and we would invite you to come and have a look round so they can see what we offer, and we can begin to understand the levels of support that will be required.

We also offer three free of charge taster days so you can have direct experience of what is available, and we can begin to get to know you and begin work on your Better Day Plan. A Better Day Plan is a document which tells us all about you, what is important to you, what support you may need and what a good day for you would look like. 

Please speak to your social work team to make a referral. To contact the Day Time Services team directly to find out more about a specific centre please contact the relevant hub manager by email: