Manchester Learning Disability Partnership – Citywide

Manchester Learning Disability Partnership – Citywide

We work with adults who have a learning disability and are registered with a Manchester GP.

We are co-located with our social care colleagues and work closely to provide both effective and seamless health and social care to adults with a learning disability.

Learning Disability and associated health conditions (Adults aged 18 and over).

People with a learning disability have:

  • A cognitive impairment i.e. an IQ of 70 or under
  • Associated difficulties with everyday functioning

We work with people who are born with learning disabilities and people who acquire a learning disability in childhood.

  • 3 community teams across North, Central and South Manchester
  • 1 Short Breaks (respite service)
  • 1 Complex needs day time service

The offer a range of specialist health interventions available to meet the complex needs of this vulnerable patient group.

  • Advice about supporting people with learning disabilities
  • Support for people who have behaviour that challenges
  • Individual treatment/therapy e.g.hydrotherapy
  • Help with communication problems.
  • Assistance with accessible information
  • Support with mental and physical health problems
  • Support and advice around medical/health
  • Interventions
  • Referrals to other health/social care groups
  • Training for social care providers and family carers
  • Support for people with long term health conditions e.g. dysphagia, dementia, and respiratory issues.

Anyone can refer to the Community teams This includes the person, the GP, social worker, advocate, carer or family.

People can refer in person, by letter and by phone.

We have an external referral form and can send copies by post or electronically.

North Community Learning Disability Health Team

Crescent Bank (North)
Humphrey Street
M8 9JS

Phone: 0161 861 2958

Central Community Learning Disability Health Team

Hulme District Office
Ground Floor
323 Stretford Rd
M15 4UW

Phone: 0161 219 2555

South Community Team

Etrop Court
Rowlands Way
M22 5RG

Phone: 0161 219 6022

Short Breaks Respite Service

44 Wythenshawe Road
M23 0DJ

Phone: 0161 901 0951

Complex Needs Day Provision

Oakwood Lodge
177 Longley Lane
M22 4HY

Phone: 0161 998 7424

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