Expert Patients Programme – Citywide

Expert Patients Programme – Citywide

Staying well with a long-term health condition – a free NHS course for anyone who lives with (or cares for) a long-term health condition.

Learn to:

  • Manage physical and emotional difficulties
  • Develop a partnership with your healthcare professionals
  • Plan ahead with support from the team
  • Increase your motivation and feel more positive

The programme is run by trained tutors – people with experience of self-managing a long term condition. It takes place over six weekly sessions which are once a week for 2.5 hours at local venues throughout Manchester. The programme is also available virtually online.

Contact Information
For information on course venues across Manchester or to find out more please contact the Expert Patients Programme Team on 0161 549 6624 or email

Download Patient Information Leaflet here [PDF, 327KB]


Expert Patient Programme

Do you live or care for someone living with a long-term health condition or are you recovering from COVID-19?

What is the Expert Patient Programme?

We are a free NHS service for patients living with long-term health conditions and/or carers.

The team is made up of NHS staff and volunteers who either live with long-term health conditions or care for someone who does. This means our volunteers understand the impact living with a long-term health condition has on a day-to-day basis.

What do we do?

We deliver our course at local venues across Manchester or virtual courses on-line.

The course runs for two and a half hours once a week for six weeks.

The course helps you manage your long-term health conditions and feel more in control of your life. It will complement your treatment and care as well as support you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

How will the course help you?

  • Feel more confident managing your health conditions
  • Day to day living will be more manageable
  • Feel more in control of your symptoms
  • Experience less pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety or stress
  • Get more from your GP and health care appointments
  • Be able to communicate better with family, friends and health care providers
  • Manage your medication more effectively
  • Stay more positive and motivated
  • Achieve your goals

“… I feel I have been heard and have taken on lots of ideas and knowledge to help me be proactive and manage my conditions in a positive way daily.”

Participant: MB Mar 2020

Who do we help?

We support people who are aged 18 or over who live in Manchester and have ANY long-term health conditions, and carers.

Why is this course helpful?

Research has shown that people living with long-term health conditions spend only three hours a year on average with a healthcare professional. For the other 8757 hours of the year, they look after themselves.

People with long-term health conditions are twice as likely as those without long-term conditions to have mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

The frustrations and limitations of living with long-term conditions can make your overall health much worse.

This programme can provide you with the tools to self-manage and deal with your conditions better on a day-to-day basis.

Source for statistics:

How do I book a place or refer?

You can telephone, text, email or write to us to register or find out more about us at:

Tel: 0161 549 6624


Office address:

Expert Patient Programme
Higher Openshaw Primary Care Centre
Ashton Old Road
M11 1JG

Expert Patient Programme participant reviews

“Lots more people should be made aware of the course as it would benefit a huge amount of people in all situations and conditions.”

“The tutors were truly amazing, and the course was very well delivered.”

Patient Satisfaction Surveys 2019/20

“It’s given me dedicated time each week to think about how I manage the changes that Long Covid is making to my life at present …. it has given me small achievable goals to work towards each week, and something to strive for rather than having a “can’t do” mindset.” Patient Satisfaction Survey 2022 V12

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