Children’s Asthma Service

The Children’s Asthma Service offers a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach to providing a holistic and co-ordinated management, education and support package of care to the child and family with asthma, recognising social, cultural and spiritual differences.

The overall aim of the service is to provide access for children by asthma trained nurse specialists, delivering high quality care management and information regarding asthma, in line with best practice and the latest evidence (BTS 2019). The service is correctly working toward NICE Standards for Quality standards for asthma (2013). The Nurse Specialist will work in partnership with the family in deciding treatment pathways and developing an agreed self-care package.


The childrens asthma service is based at Longsight health Centre.

Asthma clinics are held at different locations within North, South and Central Manchester.

Other clinics

  • Virtual clinics to suit the needs of the family
  • Telephone consultations

For more information and/or to arrange an appointment please contact the Children’s Asthma Service on: 0161 248 1226


Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm (excluding bank holidays)

Contact Details:

Children’s Asthma Service

Longsight Health Centre

Stockport Rd



M13 0RR

Tel: 0161 248 1226


Asthma Nurse Specialist referral criteria.

Please speak with your GP, School Nurse or Health Visitor to arrange a referral to the service. You are welcome to phone the service for any advice and support during office hours.

  • Child experiencing frequent or persistent symptoms of asthma or where symptoms are suggestive of asthma. (if two or more admissions/A/E attendances).
  • More than two courses of oral steroids over 12 month period.
  • Child prescribed asthma medication still symptomatic.
  • Child frequently missing school/nursery due to asthma.
  • Where the child and family require further education/support.
  • Complex circumstances.
  • Early discharge from general paediatric consultant from outpatients clinic to help aid support the child and family prior to discharge to GP.

Team Leader Children’s Asthma Service

Telephone 0161 248 1226. For health professionals who are referring to the service remember to add on referral form “Asthma service” and then tick the box.