Child Health Information Service

Child Health Information Service

The Child Health Department is a unique citywide admin service that supports a range of services across the city and other outside agencies; this is supported by the Child Health Information System (Care Plus). The system maintains an accurate, comprehensive and up to date electronic record for every child resident in or attending a school in Manchester (0 – 18 years). The service works with GP’s Social Services, Manchester City Council, and NHS England.

The Child Health Department are responsible for the registration of new births and management of electronic and paper records for every child resident or attending a school in Manchester up to school leaving age or 18 if the child is looked after.

The service has responsibility for the screening programme, national child measurement programme as well as national and local reports and statistics. The service complete audits and provide reports to support the Healthy Child Programme, and the delivery of National Immunisation Programmes.

Child Health Department
Parkway 5
Princess Road
M14 7HR

Phone: 0161 674 0464

Head of Service: Pauline Jarvis (

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