Acute Children’s Treatment Service

Acute Children’s Treatment Service


You can avoid waiting a long time in A&E by having an appointment at a fixed time today with this service.

We are a clinical community service based only one mile from A&E at Longsight Health Centre.

We can see your child for assessment and issue prescriptions if needed.

We will give you written information about caring for your child while they are unwell and if they are unwell in the future.

Once our service has seen your child, a nurse can visit you at home to support you through this illness, if needed.

Your child has been seen by a triage nurse in A&E and is not seriously unwell at this time. However, if they get more poorly and you notice any of these signs before your appointment with us, please tell a healthcare professional where possible and return to A&E immediately.

  • Your child cannot be woken up or stay awake once woken
  • They are struggling to breathe – for example making a noise with every breath or their muscles are pulling in under the ribs when they breathe
  • They suddenly get pale or blue in colour
  • The develop a rash which does not go away when pressed
  • They have a seizure.

This service is only for patients who have attended A&E and have been referred to us. You cannot book an appointment with us unless you have been referred by A&E staff.

We are open Monday to Thursday, from 8am to 4:30pm.

To book an appointment please call 0797 4900 942.

Once you have booked your appointment, please let the staff in A&E know that you have booked an appointment with the Acute Children’s Treatment Service before leaving to attend your appointment with our service.

Contact Details:

We are a clinical community service based only one mile from A&E at Longsight Health Centre.

Acute Children’s Treatment Service
Longsight Health Centre,
526-528 Stockport Road,
M13 0RR

Phone: 0797 4900 942

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday, from 8am to 4:30pm.


There is a car park at the health centre. If this is full you can park on the streets nearby or at the Asda or Lidl supermarkets car parks. Please note that there are time limits for how long you can park in the supermarkets.

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