Intermediate Care – Central Manchester

Intermediate Care – Central Manchester

The Intermediate Care service provides short term rehabilitation to enable service users to regain their optimal levels of independence.

Intermediate Care is a service aimed at meeting the needs and providing care to people across Manchester.

People who are not quite ill enough to go into hospital, but not quite well enough to manage on their own at home.

If you are able to stay at home, or to go straight home from hospital, you can receive intermediate care in your own home.  The intermediate Care Team will visit you to help you regain your independence.  Carers may be arranged to help you short term over this period also.

If you are unable to stay at home or to go straight home from hospital, you will be assessed to go to an intermediate care residential or nursing unit, where the team will start working with you. The units have single rooms and support staff are available 24 hours a day.

You will be allocated a Key Worker who will be your main contact in the service; he/she will act as your advocate throughout your journey within the service.

Contact information

Central Manchester Intermediate Care
Delamere Unit
Gorton Parks
121 Taylor Street
M18 8DF

Phone: 0161 230 3010

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.
Referral is 8:30am – 5pm, 7 days or via rapid response outside of these hours.

The Intermediate Care Team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Assistant Practitioners and Rehabilitation Assistants. Working with you, the team will aim to achieve the goals you identify to help you become as independent as possible.

Patient Leaflets

The following text-based patient leaflets are available and can be translated into other languages by choosing ‘Select Langugage’ from the toolbar at the top right of the page.

Welcome to Delamere House Intermediate Care Unit (Leaflet Webpage)

Central Manchester Intermediate Care Team Delamere House – Gorton Parks (Leaflet Webpage)

Referral Process

The new referral process for the Intermediate Care Home Pathway Team in central Manchester aims to enhance service delivery. The new form requests all necessary information required for a comprehensive evaluation of each referral, ensuring an accurate assessment of patient needs.

To refer patients, please fully complete the new referral form and email it to:

All referrals must now be submitted through this system to ensure timely and accurate processing.

For any questions or further information regarding the new referral process, please contact the Home Pathway Intermediate Care Team:

Duty Phone: 0779 157 4469 (available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm)


Referral Form

Intermediate Care Home Pathway Referral Form [Word doc approx. 57KB]