Speech and Language Therapy – Memory Training

Speech and Language Therapy – Memory Training

MLCO Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

Cascade training: Supporting Memory and Learning in the Classroom

This is a training package designed for schools to support training around memory and learning in the classroom.

Note: These resources are only to be used by nominated Training Facilitators who have attended the SALT-led Train the Trainer session.


Train the Trainer cascade session:

  • Link to MS Teams recording of Train the Trainer session: Watch here

Training package resources:

  • Training Facilitator’s guide and training plan: Download here

‘Supporting Memory and Learning in the Classroom’ video presentation for Training Facilitator:

Most IT systems will allow you to play directly from either Vimeo or You Tube. You also have the option of downloading the video on to your desktop in advance of the session from Vimeo or You Tube which may help with any buffering issues. Click on the download button in Vimeo or You Tube to do this.

The video can also be played from the window below in this webpage. Click on the arrows to make it fullscreen.

Resources to e-mail to training participants before the training session:

Resources to e-mail to training participants after the training session:

Please direct any additional queries to the Speech and Language Therapy service: slt.admin@mft.nhs.uk