Independent Living Options

Independent Living Options

We have a range of short-term temporary and long-term permanent independent living options for people in Manchester to suit a range of needs.

On this page you can find out about:

  • Extra Care housing
  • Neighbourhood Apartments
  • Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) Service

Extra Care

What is Extra Care?
Extra Care is a permanent and affordable housing option from not-for-profit social landlords offering self-contained homes for older people.
Each scheme has a dedicated care team based on-site 24 hours a day to provide flexible and responsive services to enable citizens to maintain their independence and stay where they live if their care needs change.
Extra Care apartments are aimed at older people – normally, single people and couples aged 55+; however, this can vary, depending on the development.

How is Extra Care different from other residential care?
Extra Care is designed to cater for a variety of older people. A team of staff is on site 24/7 rather than being brought in on a visiting basis but not everyone living in the scheme has to have care needs.
People have their own apartments and tenancies and can access flexible care and support services if they need to. They can move from needing very little or no support, safe in the knowledge that the care team will be there to support them if their needs change.
Extra Care can support many people to live independently. The idea is that it’s a home for life, but it cannot replace nursing care or offer 24-hour care.
Extra care schemes offer communal areas for residents, as well as a variety of other facilities such as community spaces, a bistro or café, hair and beauty salons, guest rooms, laundry and assisted bathing suites.

Who runs Extra Care?
We work in partnership to deliver our Extra Care schemes. The housing provider delivers housing-related support and landlord duties; the care provider is commissioned through a tender process and is responsible for delivering personal care.

Download Extra Care brochure

Neighbourhood Apartments

What are Neighbourhood Apartments?
Neighbourhood apartments are short-term accommodation for frail and vulnerable people over 55 who need some extra help and support for a short period of time (6-8 weeks), in order to maintain their independence and get back on their feet.

Watch and learn more about neighbourhood apartments in the video below:

Who are Neighbourhood Apartments suitable for?

Frail and vulnerable people over 55 who need some extra help and support for a short period of time, such as someone who:
  • is leaving hospital whose home is no longer suitable for them and cannot be adapted (so they need to stay somewhere while alternative suitable housing is found for them)
  • is having major adaptations on their home and need a short stay somewhere while the work is carried out
  • has had a fall who is in a plaster cast and who needs some additional support while they recover before they can go home
  • at risk of abuse from family, friends or the local community and need somewhere safe to stay.

Download the FAQ booklet.

Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) Service

If you have a patient or client whose home has become unsuitable for their wellbeing, or may become so in the near future, HOOP can help.

The Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) service works to provide a better home for those whose welfare may be jeopardised by where they currently live.

They can help with:

  • giving practical advice
  • assisting people to find the right accommodation

LCO staff can find out more about Extra Care, Neighbourhood Housing and Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) Service on the LCO extranet here.