Community Paediatric Service Patient Leaflet Webpage

Community Paediatric Service Patient Leaflet Webpage

Manchester Paediatric Services in the Community

Information leaflet for parents and carers


Who do I contact if I have any questions?

The contact details for the paediatric services in the community are below :

Community Paediatric Service Children’s Community Health Services First Floor

Universal Square Devonshire Street North Manchester M12 6JH

North team: 0161-537 0402
Central team: 0161-537 0403
South team: 0161-537 0404


All service can be contacted Monday – Friday between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Outside working hours messages can be left on the answerphone.

If you prefer you can also ask your GP, health visitor or school nurse for further information.

Your child has been referred to the community-based paediatric service.


Your child will be seen by a children’s doctor (paediatrician) who is specially trained in child health and development.


What do Community-based Paediatricians do?

  • We are involved in assessing children who have delayed development, learning difficulties, behaviour problems, social communication and interaction difficulties or complex


What will happen during the assessment?

  • We will ask questions about your child’s medical history (birth, development, past and present health, medication, immunisation); family social and medical history.
  • We will observe and examine your child. This may include a full physical examination; measuring your child’s height, weight and head circumference; examining skin for birthmarks using Woods light (ultraviolet light source which highlights skin marks).
  • We may observe and assess your child’s developmental


Where will my child be seen?

  • Your child will be usually be seen with you in your local
  • Sometimes we will see your child with you in nursery or school or at home depending on their needs.


How long will the appointment last?

  • The first appointment slot will be 45
  • Review appointments will be 30


What will happen after the assessment?

  • We will send you a copy of the clinic letter outlining the discussion and any actions we agreed.
  • We send a copy of the letter to your GP; to the health visitor/ school nurse; to other professionals who know your child; and to those whom we are making a referral with your agreement.


Who else can be involved?

  • Other professionals may be involved in this assessment and your child may be referred for hearing or vision
  • With your agreement we liaise with other professionals from health, education and other services if they are involved with your child to help develop the best management plan for your


Will my child have tests or see specialists?

  • Your child may be offered some tests which will be arranged at a health centre or hospital near to you.
  • Your child may be offered further referrals, for example to a neurologist (a specialist who deals with the brain and nervous system) or geneticist (a specialist who deals with a person’s genetic makeup) to try to determine the cause of your child’s


What else do community paediatricians do?

  • Provide medical advice to the Education Authority when a child’s special educational needs are being assessed.
  • Help manage the health needs of children who are being adopted or are in foster care (Looked After by Local Authority).
  • Work closely with many other health professionals including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, occupational therapist and hospital specialists to help make sure your child receives all the help they need.
  • Work closely with professionals in education and social services if this is needed for your child.