Growing the Winning Hearts and Minds team

Winning Hearts and Mind Field Workers are now in post.

In June 2019, the new Winning Hearts and Minds team took up their new roles.

Seven Community Development Fieldworkers are working across the following four communities in North Manchester:

  • Cheetham

  • Charlestown

  • Collyhurst

  • Newton Heath

The Fieldworkers are here to help communities develop their own initiatives to take control of their heart and mental health.

We’re also looking into what else makes people well and keeps them healthy in their communities – this might be access to public transport, it could be having the opportunity to go see friends for a roast dinner on a Sunday, or it might be doing some weeding at the local community garden.

Being healthy and well looks different for everyone, so we want to understand what this looks like and to help it thrive.

There’s lots of people doing brilliant work in communities across Manchester, so we want to connect with as many as we can, learn from things that haven’t worked so well, and try out the stuff that’s worked really well.

We’ll be telling you more about our Community Development Fieldworkers soon, but in the meantime do get in touch with us if you’ve got ideas or thoughts about how we can improve people’s heart and mental health in Manchester.