Nursing Home Services

The Nursing Home Service carries out emergency visits for residents in the eight South Manchester Nursing Homes – Clyde Court, Ringway Mews, Marion Lauder, Laurel Court, Brocklehurst, Southwold, and Yew Tree Manor.

The Nursing Home Service is committed to trying to reduce hospital admissions by supporting nursing home residents to access the care they need in the community.

We are dedicated to supporting the delivery of high quality end of life care for residents of nursing homes in South Manchester.

Residents are then supported to access any medical treatment either on an emergency basis or by referral into relevant services.

The team also proactively reviews residents at the above nursing homes and at the residential homes Shackleton House and Timperley Care Home regularly to plan their future care and try to prevent worsening of medical conditions. The team includes specialist nurses, occupational therapists and administrators.