Integrated Musculoskeletal (MSK), Pain, Rheumatology and Orthopaedic Service – South Manchester

‘Musculoskeletal disorders’ refers to any condition affecting muscles and bones including sport injuries, back pain, and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.

This includes over 200 disorders affecting joints, bones, muscles and soft tissues, including inflammatory arthritis and other systemic autoimmune disorders, vasculitis, soft tissue conditions, spinal pain and metabolic bone disease. Pain medicine helps patients to manage the symptoms associated with such conditions.

Our aim is on education and self-management support to help you best manage your condition on the long term.

Patients over 18

Patients who appear appropriate for conservative management, meaning surgery does not seem to be the most suitable approach, are assessed and a management plan is discussed, agreed and organised. This may include self-management advice, appliances to help with recovery, steroid injection, and diagnostics including x-ray, MRI scan, USS scans and blood tests. This may also lead to further referral for treatment, such as physiotherapy, or to another appropriate PRIMO.

Those needing a surgical/consultant opinion are referred on to secondary care (hospital), having been fully investigated before seeing the consultant. A Fitness for Surgery Service (pre-op service) is provided for those referrals for a surgical opinion.

The Musculoskeletal team is currently made up of a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant, a Registrar, four Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Practitioners, an Orthopaedic Podiatry Practitioner and two Podiatrists.

Treatment is for musculoskeletal conditions relating to the following areas:

  • Hand and Wrist
  • Knee
  • Shoulder and Elbow
  • Hip
  • Spine – Back Pain
  • Sports Trauma
  • Foot and Ankle

Patients that can be seen in the pain clinic that have non-complex chronic pain of more than three months duration and has been investigated and sinister pathology ruled out.  Patients with current major psychiatric problems will be forwarded to secondary care but will accept patients being treated for depression.

All GP referrals are received via the Integrated Care Gateway and e-Referrals Services.

Contact information

Phone: 0161 217 3092 / 0161 217 3099 / 0161 217 3061

Clinic Sites

Withington Community Hospital
Nell Lane
M20 2LR
0161 217 3401 / 3404

Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre
206 Portway
M22 1QW
0161 436 0560

Wythenshawe Forum
M22 5RX
0161 435 3500

Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT
0161 291 2178 / 2179

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday, 7:45am to 6:30pm.
Friday, 7:45am – 5pm.

The community based elements of these specialisms are known as ‘Tier 2’ services, delivered in the community rather than in hospitals. When a GP assesses a patient as needing investigation and treatment for a condition affecting their muscles and bones, they can choose to refer them to a PRIMO service rather than a hospital based service. This might include patients who need an ultrasound or MR scan, or physiotherapy. If it is then felt that the patient needs to see a hospital consultant, PRIMO will organise this.

As these community based services are so closely related, we have created an Integrated Musculoskeletal, Pain and Rheumatology Service. This brings together the range of professionals who work across these specialisms to ensure patients receive joined up care to meet their full range of medical needs. GPs refer patients to these services through the Integrated Care Gateway and e-Referrals, who direct patients to the appropriate service for their needs. The team is made up of physiotherapists, podiatrists, specialist nurses, clinical psychologists and doctors. Our focus is on education and self-management support to help you best manage your condition on the long term.