Home Intravenous Therapy Team – North Manchester

North Manchester Community Intravenous Therapy Team (HITT)

North Manchester Clinical Commisioning Group have commisioned the Pennine Acute Hospital Trust to deliver Community Intravenous Therapy for North Manchester Registered Ambulatory Care Patients.

Community IV Therapy services are already established in many trusts across both Manchester and the North East sector. There are many benefits for both patients and healthcare staff including a reduction in hospital inpatients days and enabling an increased level of patient care to be delivered in their own home.

The benefits to this includes: facilitating the patients with community led IV therapy services allowing possible avoidance of hospital admissions and enabling an early discharge from the acute sector.

NMCCG want the Home Intravenous Therapy team to deliver a ‘step down’ service from the acute services and ‘step up’ from the community professionals including: ACM’s; District Nurses and GP’s. An example of the illnesses in which the Crisis Response Service is currently facilitating and delivering within the mentioned step up/step down service are as follows:

Step Down- Non Facial Cellulitis, Osteomyelitis, Bronchiectasis and Respiratory Tract Infection, UTI’s and Diabetic Foot..

Step Up-Non Facial Cellulitis, Bronchiectasis and Respiratory Tract Infection, Osteomyelitis, Community Acquired Pneumonia, UTI’s

We will consider other pathways, patient groups and ambulatory conditions but this will be discussed within the Crisis Response team on a case by case basis to decide on suitability.

Contact/Referral Details Telephone 0161 720 2788

Duty 07816 142 396

Fax Number 0161 720 2684

Home Intravenous Therapy Service
Phase One, First Floor
Room 32, J Block
North Manchester General Hospital, Delauneys Road
M8 5RB

E-Mail pah-tr.hitt@nhs.net

Download the North Manchester Community Intravenous Therapy Referral Form.

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