Integrated Neighbourhood Teams making a difference for people

Joint working through Integrated Neighbourhood Teams is better coordinating services for people.

Manchester Local Care Organisation’s Didsbury East and West, Burnage and Chorlton Park Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT) has been an early implementer of our new model of neighbourhood working across Manchester.


It's one of our 12 INTs in the city - each working across an approximate population of 50,000 people. The neighbourhood’s social work and district nursing teams have been working together from their hub at Withington Community Hospital in West Didsbury for several months now.

Teams now work together and can immediately share information and take action. Joint visits are also undertaken between health and social care.

“The biggest single difference is really the better exchange of information between health and social care staff on a daily basis. With that comes increased knowledge of what we all do day to day and the ability to get things done quicker and more efficiently for the people we are caring for.”

Niikwae Kotey – social care lead for the INT.

A great example was the district nurses going out to elderly service user who had a high level of dementia and mobility issues. They sadly found that their main carer and spouse, also elderly, had been diagnosed with Illness with a poor prognosis. The carer simply couldn’t provide the care they previously had done and 24-hour care was going to be needed.

When a nursing needs assessment is requested by a social worker that process can traditionally take days, or even weeks. In this case, because the teams are now co-located, the nurses let the social work team know straight away of their concerns.

The case was discussed in the district nurse huddle that day and the INT team was able to get the social care and nursing needs assessments completed in a day and the right care in place a couple of days later.

It’s a simple example of an early outcome of the teams being able to talk to each other on the spot about cases, but one that made a massive difference to the service user. Look out for more case studies on integrated working in the city soon.